DiDi supports coronavirus relief efforts

Didi Chuxing (“DiDi”) is taking new actions to support doctors, communities and drivers as China continues to fight the coronavirus outbreak (2019-nCoV) in Wuhan through the following efforts.

Lease extensions for ride-hailing drivers

Under the coordination of Xiaoju Automobile Solutions (XAS), a DiDi subsidiary, 94 leasing companies and 26 insurers have agreed to extend leases and waive the February payment for ride-hailing drivers who have rented cars from XAS’s leasing partners in 16 cities in Hubei, including Wuhan and Huanggang. XAS is also working with 3,000 leasing firms, 27 financial institutions and 37 insurers to take the relief program national.

Free transit for medical workers and citizens

DiDi’s special community service fleet with 1,336 volunteer drivers is now offering free transportation to citizens of Wuhan in coordination with local communities. In Wuhan and Shanghai, volunteers also put on the ground special fleets for medical workers.

As of 2 February, DiDi’s drivers have provided free transit services to 5,019 and 4,500 certified doctors and nurses in Wuhan and Shanghai, respectively. Similar support efforts are in the planning process for other cities in need. DiDi has put aside a special funding of CNY200 million (USD28 million) for protective medical supplies and allowances for these fleets.

Special insurance programs

A daily allowance is made available for any DiDi taxi, ride-hailing, designated driving or Hitch service who is hospitalized for 2019-nCov. A special fund will also be made available for special cases.

Open cloud computing services

DiDi is also opening up its DiDi Cloud computing capabilities for free to support research and relief projects against 2019-nCov by medical and relief organizations, including the company’s Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) cloud servers, Server Load Balancer and Elastic IP, etc.

Currently, DiDi drivers in China are requested to wear masks, disinfect their vehicles regularly and take additional protective measures while in service. DiDi driver-managers are distributing supplies throughout the country.

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