First-time travel experiences “the secret of success”

65% of people said that new travel experiences vastly increased their confidence
65% of people said that new travel experiences vastly increased their confidence

First-time travel experiences have the potential to boost confidence levels and make people more successful, a new study has found.

In a survey of more than 15,000 travellers from 20 countries, found that travel can have a life-changing impact on people if they go overseas for the first time, visit a new destination or travel solo.

Almost two thirds (65%) said that pushing themselves to take part in a new travel experience vastly increased their confidence. And this often inspired major life decisions; 13% said that they had chosen to switch their job or career, while a further 13% said it inspired them to change their relationship. More than a fifth (21%) of respondents said that travel had inspired them to move somewhere new.

On a less drastic level, respondents also said that travel has encouraged them to meet new kinds of people (40%), eat new types of food (43%), learn a new language (29%) and start reading or learning about another culture (29%).

“The adrenalin and confidence boost that travelling somewhere for the first time gives us makes it irresistible. Our first-time travel experiences open our minds, sparks our imagination and inspires us to continue trying something new or change direction in life,” said Pepijn Rijvers, chief marketing officer at

Respondents also said that a first-time travel experience is more exciting than a first date (53%), a first job (51%), making a new friend (62%) and even, for more than a third of people, a first kiss (36%).

Almost two thirds (61%) think that well-travelled people are more interesting, and almost half (45%) believe that travel makes them more successful in their life and career.

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