Here are the best places to go solo backpacking

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New research by Uswitch has revealed the best locations in the world for solo backpackers. The company has looked into download speeds, available tours, cost of transport, places to stay, and average temperature. Based on these factors, the top ten best places to go solo backpacking were determined.

Rome, Italy takes the top spot as the best location for solo travellers. With the highest number of places to stay (7,911) and activities to choose from (6,814), Italy’s capital is a perfect spot to include in your backpacking adventures. The city offers enough tours, sightseeing opportunities, bars and pubs to keep you’ll never get bored on your solo adventure.

India’s capital is the perfect place to explore, with transport costing as little as 35p. Whilst exploring the city, you can definitely leave your coat behind as we found the average temperature to be 25°C. With a huge 5,830 activities and an impressive 5,269 tours and sightseeing opportunities available, you are spoiled with a choice of things to do in this city.

Another capital city, Bangkok takes the 3rd spot as one of the best destinations for solo backpackers. Known for its street life and cultural landmarks, it is no surprise that Bangkok is one of the best destinations for a solo adventure. With 2,132 activities on offer and temperatures averaging almost 27°C, Bangkok is definitely worth a visit, plus there are 4,809 accommodation options available meaning you won’t struggle to find somewhere to rest your head.

Why are these cities the best places to visit for solo travellers?


Picking a country to visit is the easy part of planning your travels, but finding suitable accommodation can be much harder.  It is important to visit countries with a lot of accommodation choices, with credible reviews to avoid any unwanted surprises. Rome takes the lead with not only the highest number of places to stay (7,911), our study has found that this city also has the best places to stay, with the average rating for accommodations at 4.43/5. Cape Town comes in a close second with an average rating of ​​4.39/5 for their 2,490 accommodation choices and Paris doesn’t fall far behind for the 2,491 available places to stay, rated a very credible 4.30/5.

Availability of things to do

Solo travellers want to make the most out of their visits and having things to do to create new memories and experiences is a major factor when considering which locations to visit.

India’s capital, New Delhi, definitely doesn’t lack when it comes to things to do, offering 5,830 activities to add to your to-do list. With 5,269 tours and sightseeing opportunities, including India’s Taj Mahal on offer, plus visits to the city’s top attraction Qutub Minar. Rome offers more activities (6,814), together with a slightly less but still ample choice of 4,220 tours and sightseeing options. The luxurious and popular United Arab Emirates city of Dubai can also keep you more than occupied on your visit with 3,813 activities to choose from.

Fast internet speeds

When visiting an unknown place, being able to keep in contact with your family and friends is incredibly important, and being able to document your travels online is essential. The Norwegian city of Trondheim has the fastest internet speed compared to any other city, according to our Index. Solo backpackers can make use of their average download speeds of 312 mb/s to upload their Instagram pictures of the Bakklandet. It is also no surprise that the technology advanced, city of Tokyo also has fast speeds over 135 mb/s. Similarly, Madrid offers a competitive speed of 106.3 mb/s perfect to video call home or post your travels on social media.

Cheapest transport

Having plenty of things to do is amazing but being able to travel around the city is important especially if you’re on a tight budget when backpacking. Solo travellers can venture around India’s Jaipur for as little as 20p, with a monthly pass only costing £5.96. Similarly, visitors can travel around Istanbul and Mexico city with ease as a single ticket in both cities cost just 21p.
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