HH Travel sends Chinese travellers “pole to pole”


Ultra-luxury cruise line Silversea Cruises has announced a unique collaboration with China’s leading luxury travel brand, HH Travel.

With a shared vision in curating unique travel experiences, the two luxury brands have partnered to co-launch a voyage from pole-to-pole aboard Silver Cloud, featuring unique services catering to Chinese travellers in pursuit of quality and novel luxury travel adventures.  


After extensive refurbishment in 2017, Silver Cloud will take the waters again in November. From 2 September 2018, the ship will begin its pole-to-pole journey, traversing four continents in 88 days, covering 10,800 nautical miles through the Artic, North America, South America and finally, the Antarctic. Altogether, the ship will dock at 64 ports and cities in 17 of the world’s most beautiful countries. As part of the partnership, dedicated Mandarin speaking staff and Chinese cuisine service will be made available on the ship, promising to enhance the on-board experience and provide a touch of familiarity and comfort to Chinese travellers.


Travellers on Silver Cloud’s inaugural expedition will enjoy highly personalised services, with a guest capacity of only 200 for Polar regions and 260 for non-Polar regions – the most exclusive space-to-guest and crew-to-guest ratios in the business. The ship also houses a team of 19 experts who ensure that travellers have plenty of opportunities to experience all that this exciting journey across oceans has to offer. With ten pole-to-pole rooms available for RMB 880,000, Silversea extends a warm invitation to Chinese travellers to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

“We are delighted to work closely with HH Travel, a renowned name in the luxury travel space in China, and to bring our collaboration one step further through the co-launch of this voyage“ said Amber Wilson (main picture), GM for Asia Pacific, Silversea Cruises. “We are always looking for opportunities to enhance our services and provide tailor-made experiences. HH Travel has been an ideal partner in this endeavor, and in our vision to offer an unforgettable cruise experience to our friends from China.”


“We look forward to embarking on this new venture with Silversea Cruises. Silversea is a leading force in the global ultra-luxury cruise industry, providing an unmatched level of personalised services, while ensuring guests are swept away by an unforgettable travel experience aboard its fleet” said Jinzhang You, CEO of HH Travel. “As a company servicing a clientele that seeks only the highest quality of enriching travel experiences, we believe this partnership will raise the bar for luxury travel at sea for Chinese travellers, offering a unique opportunity to revel in utmost luxury that is carefully tailored to their preferences.”

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