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Late in July, Hilton launched a new platform, dedicated to offering bespoke experiences across its luxury brands – and it has something to do with the human senses. On the webpage, experiences are filtered by the senses, with an aim of giving guests a unique access to the local feel of the surrounding environment. Naturally, this has aroused our curiosity and so went ahead and checked what it’s all about.

About the platform

First off, the platform is dedicated only to its luxury brands, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts and Conrad Hotel & Resorts. It promises unique experiences such as seeing the world’s largest private collection of Louis Vuitton suitcases in Amsterdam, to booking seats at the Chef’s Table at Gordon Ramsay au Trianon restaurant.

The luxury experiences platform lets guests choose from 26 authentic cultural experiences and adventures in destinations all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

“Diverse experiences and undiscovered gems”

Dominique Piquemal, VP, luxury operations, EMEA at Hilton, said: “Now more than ever, luxury consumers are looking for unique experiences and unparalleled access. Our newly launched Luxury Experiences platform enables guests to browse the breadth of diverse experiences and undiscovered gems, available exclusively through our Waldorf Astoria and Conrad properties, offering exceptional experiences, every hotel, every guest, every time.”

The interface

Enter the website, and you’ll immediately see a dramatic video (below), showing what the brand has to offer. Scroll down, and you’ll find tick boxes of the five senses including touch, taste, smell, sight and hear. Ticking the boxes would filter the experiences by the ‘sense’ you choose to explore. The interface then lets you see the filtered experiences, or you can also view them all as a gallery.

For example, when you click on the ‘smell’ tick box, the platform will show you experiences like a three-hour wine tour of the Quinta dos Vales Wine Estate while staying at the Conrad Algarve Resort in Portugal. Click on the specific experience, and the platform shows how to book, what to expect during the trip, and details about the hotel including a location map:


The platform is simple to use and offers non-traditional itineraries. As a traveller, this would convince me to book, knowing I’ll be hitting two birds with one stone; getting a nice luxury hotel and an instagrammable itinerary to match.

Moreover, if I were to stay someplace unfamiliar, I’d love my itinerary to be taken care of by the hotel while I’m still in the planning stage of my trip. And Hilton does that through the platform. Although not a full-blown website, the ‘sense filter’ idea has potential and I wouldn’t be surprised if other brands caught up to it.
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