Hotel or Airbnb? 10 cities where it’s actually cheaper to book a hotel

Hotel or Airbnb? (Woman thinking)

Hotel or Airbnb? That is the question. We can’t really compare apples from oranges but we still need to find the best price. After all, the budget is a big factor when choosing accommodation. So, in which cities are you ‘financially’ better off when choosing a hotel room rather than booking an Airbnb?

On average, and you might have already guessed, only 10 cities show that the hotel was the more budget-friendly option, in contrast to the 42 cities where Airbnb is the cheaper option.

It seems pretty obvious that Airbnb comes cheaper, so we’re showing you data where it’s actually cheaper to book a hotel rather than an Airbnb.

Below, shows how much you can save by getting a hotel room in the city:

  1. Santa Cruz, US – USD 198.29
  2. Mallorca, Spain – USD 75.00
  3. Venice, Italy – USD 67.80
  4. San Diego, US – USD 57.45
  5. San Jose, US – USD 42.18
  6. Austin, US – USD 25.11
  7. Naples, Italy – USD 9.72
  8. Berlin, Germany – USD 6.87
  9. Boston, US – USD 4.60
  10. Oakland, US – USD 3.31

Meanwhile, the most budget-friendly city for Airbnb guests is Providence, Rhode Island, where you could live comfortably in a home for USD 159 compared to an average nightly hotel cost of USD 338.

On second place is the city of Geneva, Switzerland, with an Airbnb saving of USD 173. The average hotel room will set you back around USD 292, however, an Airbnb will only cost just under USD 120.

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