Increased uncertainty for UK travel industry following election results

The UK travel industry faces increased uncertainty at the outcome of a hung parliament in last night’s election according to Finder UK.

Jon Ostler
Jon Ostler

As the sterling takes yet another hit with a 2% drop overnight, the UK travel industry will continue to feel the impact of Brexit compounded with the election results.

In order to protect the price of a holiday, Finder UK recommends booking travel or buying currency, holding onto money and considering going all-inclusive.

Jon Ostler, UK CEO, said: “The uncertainty of the hung parliament has given Sterling yet another hit, with a 2% drop overnight. For many; the worst result for confidence in currency. Signs of certainty and stability as the nature of the next government becomes apparent will help currency.

According to finder research, Brexit has already added 11.9% to the price of a holiday and if you’re booking travel or buying currency, hold onto your money and think about going all-inclusive. The prospects of a hard Brexit may be less, but the only certainty is uncertainty.”

Visit the live finder Brexit Pound Tracker to see how major events have driven the value of the pound since the EU referendum.

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