New insider guide to Japan features “wellcation” attractions and experiences

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Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) launches a new insider guide to Japan categorized into seven themes that will motivate tourists.

These seven themes of “Nature,” “Outdoors,” “Tradition,” “Cuisine,” “Relaxation,” “Art” and “Cities” are linked to a concept of “Wellcation” (a mix of well-being and vacation) which help visitors relieve stress and anxiety arising from “new norms” of the past year and a half. The contents also cover various Japanese attractions from culture and cuisine, to up-to-date events, newly established sightseeing spots and recent travel trends.

One example is travel by luxury train in the Kyushu area. The train itself is a jewel box on wheels and is serviced by white-gloved staff providing guests with delicious cuisines ranging from Japanese to Italian-style dishes prepared by local restaurants using select local foods. There are also stops along the way to allow guests to visit tourist sites and shops for local artisanal products.

Visiting Super Nintendo World at the Universal Studios Japan in Osaka Prefecture may be another way to unwind from hustle and bustle of daily life. Nintendo’s first foray into the world of theme parks is designed as an interactive game with visitors able to purchase a smartphone-linked Power Up Band upon entry, enabling them to collect virtual coins and play against enemy characters.

For those who need spiritual relaxation, the sacred route, “a modern pilgrimage in Shikoku”, may be the perfect thing to do. The sacred route, which spans a 1,200-kilometer loop, cuts a picturesque path through the natural landscape of Shikoku and takes in rugged mountains, forests and villages along the way.

Below are some stories newsletters we have highlighted in the past.

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– Spotlight: Kengo Kuma in Tokyo

– Luxury Cruise Train

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– The secret of Longevity: fermented food, sake and amazake

– Super Nintendo World

No.2: Japan, A Culture Expressed Through Art and Nature

– Flower trip across Japan

– Pottery developed by Nature

– Stargazing in Kozushima Island

– Treeful Treehouses Sustainable Resort

– Glamping on Whale Island

No.3: Japan, A Destination of Discovery

– World-renowned Japanese Wine

– A journey from Sumo

– Fuji-Q Highland & Rail trip

– A Modern Pilgrimage in Shikoku

– Hiking the Kumano Kodo (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

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