Inter-regional travel on the rise in Middle East


Careem has revealed, through analysis of region-wide app-based data, that inter-regional travel is on the rise. Careem

11% of the company’s registered users booked through the ride-hailing service in more than one MENA destination in 2016, up from 7% in 2015. This 11% of registered users contributed to 30% of the total trips in 2016.

The most common cities that Careem’s travelling users book in, when not in their home city, are Dubai, Riyadh and Cairo.

“Tourists make up a large percentage of our target audience and therefore it is important for us to ensure that we not only understand the challenges they face when they visit a new country but to make sure they avoid them,” said Mudassir Sheikha, co-founder and CEO, Careem.

“Being created in the region, gives us a local edge over our competitors as we are able to adapt our services according to the needs of each market, which in turn means seamless travel for tourists – whether they’re visiting from outside the country or traveling within – and this reflects in our growing numbers every year.”

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