Jiangxi seduces Mexico with beauty, culture and history

The rapeseed terraces of Jiangxi

China’s Jiangxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism held the 2019
“Beautiful Jiangxi Scenery” Cultural Tourism (Mexico) Promotion Conference in Mexico City on December 13. The meeting was to introduce Jiangxi’s unique cultural tourism resources to the Mexican tourism industry and the public.

At the conference, Ding Xinquan, deputy director-general of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, said that Mexico has the Maya civilization, while in China, they have the Chinese civilization. Both civilizations have a long history and make tremendous contributions to the development of mankind. As both sides have a thick history and culture, there would be a broad basis for cooperation. Also, the future for cultural and tourism exchanges are limitless.

Ding said that many world-class tourist attractions spread around Poyang Lake in Jiangxi Province, such as Lushan Mountain, Jingdezhen, Wuyuan, Sanqing Mountain, Guifeng, and Longhu Mountain. These attractions, with distinctive mountains, lakes, historic villages, ceramics, and religious culture, have become a boutique travelling route labelled with Chinese characteristics for foreigners. Ding hoped that more Mexicans would tour and invest in Jiangxi province.

“According to the data of the World Tourism Organization, China is the largest supplier of tourists in the world. Mexico hopes to cooperate with Jiangxi and China in cultural exchanges and tourism,” said Ignacio Cabrera Fernandez, director-general of Mexico’s Diplomatic Tourism Council.

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