Japan’s latest tourism video will make you beg to travel there

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The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has launched a new global campaign to showcase the diversity of Japan as a destination and to inspire travel – when possible.

Based on an ancient Japanese proverb, the campaign launches with a video entitled ‘Beyond the clouds, there is always light’. The video, which features travel experiences from across Japan, highlights the importance of hope during difficult times, has been launched on JNTO’s social media channels, as well as on their website and YouTube page.

The video is one part of the JNTO campaign, which also includes themed website content on ‘travelling without leaving home’, encouraging UK consumers to research Japan as a holiday destination and use this time to plan their next trip to Japan. Directly acknowledging the changes that Covid-19 will have on our travel habits, the campaign provides information on rural locations off the well-trodden paths in Japan, as well as detailing sustainability, adventure, food and wellness breaks. In addition, there is content for virtual travellers to enjoy some Japanese Zen meditation.

“Stay inspired in these unprecedented times. Keep dreaming of places and experiences you will still have. Believe that there will be a time when we all are free to explore again. Remember, Japan is always here waiting for your adventure” says JNTO.

Covering the length of the country, from the beaches of Okinawa in the south all the way through Honshu and into Hokkaido in the north, the video focuses on nature, wellbeing and the great outdoors. Ancient culture, religious practices, temples and shrines, are all showcased to promote the aspects which are intrinsic to past and present Japanese life.

Most notably, JNTO actively promotes the health and wellbeing practices of Japanese culture as we seek a virtual break from the ‘new normal’. Onsen culture is an integral part of Japanese life, as well as forest bathing, radio callisthenics and sand bathing; all designed to reduce stress, increase physical wellbeing and promote mental awareness – key trends as we look into consumer habits moving forward.

A country made up of over 70% of mountainous regions means that, naturally, skiing and winter sports are a key focus. Viewers are encouraged to experience the infamous J-Pow, rumoured to be the best snow in the world, at one of Japan’s many ski resorts. The video ends with a glimpse of Sakura, or cherry blossom, which is widely believed to be a symbol of hope and new life, indicating a new phase in Japanese history.

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