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Marriott celebrates #IWD2018 with multiple initiatives around the world

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APAC in leadership conference
150 high-achieving women from Marriott International’s 3rd annual Asia Pacific Women in Leadership Conference

Marriott International kicks off #IWD2018 with a double celebration!

On women’s day, Marriott’s EVP and global chief commercial officer, Stephanie Linnartz, was added to the inaugural Great Place to Work for All Leadership Awards List.

The award recognises leaders that deliver better business results while creating a great workplace for all.

“I’m honoured to represent Marriott and to be named a leader in helping to make our company a great workplace for everyone,” said Linnartz.

This year, Marriott will be celebrating International Women’s Day (all year long) with a series of meaningful events all over the globe.

At its international headquarters in Maryland USA, the company will host two Alice S. Marriott Leadership sessions. This will honour one of the company’s founders, and provide leadership development through training and mentorship.

“Marriott has long recognised that providing opportunities to create a diverse and inclusive environment strengthens our culture and community and drives competitiveness,” added Linnartz.

J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott
J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott believed that if you give to worthy causes or support community needs, people will be empowered and positive change will occur.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, the company will host a celebratory concert featuring multi-platinum artist Colbie Caillat. And in addition to the performance, Marriott will host another Alice S. Marriott Leadership session.

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In other locations around the world, associates will participate in career talks, networking sessions, book club meetings and volunteer activities. All of these are focused on celebrating and empowering women.

You can follow these activities on social media channels with the tags #IWD2018 and #WomenofMarriott.

“While it’s important to recognise International Women’s Day, it’s even more important to create a culture that empowers everyone to grow and succeed,” said David Rodriguez, EVP & global chief human resources officer, Marriott International.

Marriott IWD
(L-R) Michael C. Bush, CEO at Great Place To Work; Stephanie Linnartz, EVP & Global Chief Commercial Officer, Marriott International; David Rodriguez, EVP & Global Chief Human Resources Officer, Marriott International

Valuing diversity and inclusion

Marriott was the first hospitality company to establish an official diversity and inclusion program nearly 30 years ago.

In 1999, the company launched a Women’s Leadership Development Initiative to increase the presence of women in management levels and other decision-making positions.

Today, eight women lead Marriott International divisions with revenue greater than US$100 million and 50% of the company’s executive leadership team are women.

Now, that’s gender equality!

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