Mini-moons are growing in popularity according to survey

A survey has revealed that ‘mini-moons’ are growing in popularity and longer honeymoons are not as popular as they used to be. 

One in six Brits would rather take a short break after their wedding – for two to three days – than book a longer holiday, according to a survey by the  stag and hen specialists Red7.

The survey quizzed more than 2,000 respondents across the UK and found some trends.

It showed that:

One in six Brits said they would prefer to take a short mini-moon of two to three days.
That figure rose to 1 in 5 in busy London.

Younger people are more taken with the idea – the figure was 1 in 4 for 25-34 year-olds

More than a third of couples married for less than 12 months said they took a mini-moon (the figure was 27 per cent for those married for 1-4 years and 17 per cent for those married 5-9 years).


“It’s clear from those answers that mini-moons are on the rise,” said Ian Lucas, managing director of Red7.

“Perhaps it’s a reflection of how busy we all are, but it also shows the increasing popularity of short breaks to exciting destinations.

“For example, the top places for people to hold a stag or hen trip these days are not Margate and Blackpool but destinations like Vegas or New York. Modern transportation means you go further for a short break and there are more options.”

The survey also showed that while honeymoons are getting shorter, stag and hen parties are getting longer.

The days of a one-night pub crawl have been replaced by trips abroad, typically for two or three days but sometimes for up to a week.

The results showed:

Las Vegas is the top destination alongside Amsterdam.
Barcelona, New York and Benidorm complete the top five.

More than two-thirds of 16-24 year-olds would consider going abroad for a hen or stag trip.

A third say the ideal stag or hen do would be between 2-3 days long.

Seven per cent would like a 4-6 day trip and 4 per cent a week-long trip.

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