‘My team turnover is always zero’ says Mida Grande Phuket GM

With Mida Hospitality Group’s (MHG) new hotel, the Mida Grande Resort Phuket, set for its launch in Q4 of 2019, the Thai company has chosen industry veteran Patrick Bhulsuk to lead open the property.

I caught up with the dedicated and driven GM to discover what he loves about the resort, his secret to staff management and more.

How does Mida Grande Resort Phuket stand out from the crowd in such a busy market like Phuket?

Mida Grande Resort Phuket is an “Everyone Resort”, this covers all aspects of the property whether it’s our thoughtfully designed accommodations or public facilities — which serve every purpose of around-the globe-travellers. Accommodation is comprised of seven different room categories suitable for all types of guests, from solo travellers to big family groups.

Our facilities also highlight and help distinguish Mida from the rest of Phuket’s resorts. These include six swimming pools dotted around the grounds, our glamorous “Rooftop Bar” —  not to mention the “Kids Cinema”, one of the only child-centric screening rooms, to be found in a hotel, in all of Thailand.

Can you describe the visual appeal of the location?

I think for the Mida Grande Resort Phuket — the smart positioning of the property — found between Surin and Bangtao beach is just outstanding. And makes the resort a feast for the eyes, whether you are a veteran traveller or a newbie — the views from the Rooftop Bar will stay with you forever.

As mentioned, we aim to tailor the property as a resort for everyone. As such, we decided that for Mida Hospitality Group’s first Phuket resort we would focus on the leisure guests. This is why we have spent so much time on preparing lots of leisure facilities with the aim of becoming the “Most Famous Leisure Destination in South East Asia”.

Finding good staff and keeping them is a key issue across Asia but particularly in Thailand, what initiatives do you have in place to find, retain and train your team?

It is a fact that finding good staff is, indeed a struggle for many businesses — not only Hospitality. With that in mind, at Mida Grande, we have the service mentality hardwired into our DNA. This attitude or “service mind” applies to, not only to our guests — but to each other as well.

The turnover of my team has always remained always zero”

My theory of people management is that we have two types of customers in the hotel; one is the guest, who visit and stay with us as our business supporter; two is our colleagues whom we need to work together as a team to make everything that can happen, happen.

It is one of my great achievements that throughout my working experience in the department level. The turnover of my team has always remained always zero and, when you bear in mind the biggest team I had was 45 people, I am very confident that I can make it happen again here at Mida Grande Resort Phuket.

What is your favourite part of the hotel, and why?

I will not hide the fact that I am so in love with this resort. So it is rather difficult for me to say which specific area is my most favourite but if I have to choose, I would say it is the landscaping of the resort. Anyone who visits the hotel will need to look up to see the entire resort in all its grandeur as the resort is situated on a hill, this gives the hotel an incredible feeling of size and space — it makes me feel so proud.

What are your plans for the hotel?

I believe that, as general manager, my job is concerned with every aspect of the resort — so my plan is to make every aspect of the resort great — not only for our guests but also for our team. I mean for everyone. There are many things we would do and we will always ensure that the resort always remains GREAT!

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