‘Scentopia’, Asia’s unique perfumery destination welcomes visitors

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Singapore, one of the best destinations for not just Indians, but for travelling enthusiasts the world over, has another feather in its cap. “Scentopia”, Asia’s only perfumery is now fully geared up to welcome travellers from the Indian subcontinent.

Scentopia is latest tourist attraction at Siloso Beach, Sentosa, Singapore. Scentopia, a unique perfume making experiential destination is the new place, that travellers from all over can look up to, for a refreshing experience, while travelling solo, in families, or as corporate groups.

Speaking about the Scentosa, and what it could hold for travelers from the Indian Sub-continent, Prachi Saini Garg, director of the company said –  “Scentopia, as an one of kind in Asia, has been conceptualized, and created to focus on Singapore’s unique floral heritage, and use the heritage to help travel enthusiasts in creating their signature perfumes, unique to their personality. The whole experience is created with the best of perfume making innovation – a fully digitised & touchless perfume making bar, will churn out customized perfumes, as per the choice of the persons. The perfumery is also augmented reality enabled with 300+ free to use art work in the metaverse.”

As a fledgling experiential marketing destination, Scentopia aims to educate its guests on the spectacular journey of Singapore’s floral heritage – it’s transition from not just a port city, but a place for botanical exploration through fun and a host of interactive activities.

“Through the day, and all round the year, there will be four free interactive tours of Scentopia, each lasting about 15 minutes each. The exhibition which the tour runs through, will be a combination of more than 300 Augmented Reality (AR) enabled artworks. This apart, there will also be a state-of-the-art digitized contactless perfumery where guests can craft perfumes unique to their personality. Guests can then bring home their unique perfume”, Prachi added.

Scentopia in the lush green Sentosa Island, is easily accessible from the Singapore airport, and make it easy for tourists to get there. Visitors landing at Singapore’s Changi airport can take take a Singapore airport taxi, with a travel time of around 22 minutes. The second option is to take the MRT metro line, which will take the person from the airport to Sentosa in 45 minutes. And the third and final option is to take the bus.

In terms of building a overall experience while at Scentopia, the aim will be to educate guests in the exploration of plants that have been an essential part of Singapore’s rich culture, the local rituals, food, and celebrations. Besides the opportunity to design one’s own perfume, the overall experience package includes team building activities that cover a range of educative topics such as 200 years of Singapura, Raffles Floral Heritage, can you Singlish etc.

“In Scentopia, the key tourist attraction (USP) is personalization or customization of the events, depending on the kind of people, be it solo woman travelers, corporate groups, or families. With the interactive perfumery section, Scentopia wants to use that to change the dull perspective of perfumery to an experience that is magical and whimsical,” Prachi added.




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