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The mental image most of us have about the Middle East is extraordinary landscapes and windswept desert dunes. Though the area has mushroomed with deserts, there are many other exotic locations in this enchanting land.

It is at a cultural crossroads between the east and west featuring both medieval bazaars and skyscrapers. The region is facing political unrest and has been in headlines for a few wrong reasons which have got travellers apprehensive about planning a trip to the Middle East. There are places you should away from but not all places are unsafe. Here’s a list of the safest places here for travellers.

Cruise your way through the Middle East

The Middle East is vast and the cruise industry is booming. Cruises are a great way to take in the views of ports, impressive cities and experience unique cultures. If you are looking for a good cruise line, check out Nile Cruise Vacation.

In the business for over 65 years, it offers a handful of attractive packages to choose from. You don’t have to worry about safety as the tour covers the safest places in the Middle East.


Though pyramids are the first thought that strikes one’s mind while visualising Egypt, another real gem is Luxor. It is rightly referred to as the world’s greatest outdoor museum. Luxor is famous for:

  • The Valley of the Kings: This 4000-year old attraction is one of the world’s most preserved sites which houses 63 royal tombs. The valley was used by Egyptian pharaohs as a burial place of royals, the elite and priests.
  • Karnak temple: It took a whopping 2000 years to build this magnificent temple and this is the most Instagramable site in the country. Circle the giant Scarab statue seven times in counter-clockwise direction before making a wish to have the Egyptian Gods by your side.

Aswan: After being enticed by the magnificent pyramids in Cairo, work your way to the laidback city of Aswan to view a plethora of archaeological sites and attractions surrounding the Nile riverfront. When in Aswan:

  • Elephantine Island: Stroll around the traditional villages and interact with the hospitable and friendly ethnic Nubian people. It takes just two Egyptian pounds to reach the island from Aswan.
  • Kitchener Island: Situated in the west of Elephantine Island, this can be reached via a cheap boat ride. Check out the Aswan Botanical gardens and Temple of the Nobles.


This exotic place is safe but is often misunderstood due to its proximity to Syria and Iraq. Enjoy the hot springs and float in the Dead Sea and experience the charm of many other historical sites.

Petra: Going by the name, Rose City, this is the most visited attraction in Jordon considering its place in the Wonders of the World.

Amman: This is the centre spot of Middle Eastern Arts and Culture. There is a medley of mosques, churches, and souks here.


The cities Fez, Meknes, Rabat, and Marrakesh are known as the imperial cities and are packed with breath-taking palaces, bustling town bazaars squares, souks piled high with interesting treasures, snake charmers and mint tea. Other places of interest are:

Tangier: This charming port city is famous for its cultural cafes and offers interesting views of Spain and the Strait of Gibraltar. Check out the Beat street, the Medina and the Kasbah Museum.

Essaouira: This coastal town has a relaxing vibe, a lovely atmosphere, ideal weather, and delicious food. You can spend a relaxed afternoon walking through the twisted streets of this UNESCO world heritage site.


Even those who haven’t visited Dubai are well aware that the city belongs in the future. It is next to impossible listing all the best places in Dubai. The place screams of sophistication.

Burj Khalifa: This iconic world-famous attraction which stands at a height of 828 metres is hard to miss.

Dubai mall: Located next to the Burj Khalifa, it is not just a shopping mall. It’s a shopper’s paradise featuring over 150 shops and restaurants, indoor waterfall and indoor theme park.

Exploring the Middle East by sea is a convenient way to cross places off your bucket list since cruise lines cover major touristy attractions. Choose a luxury cruise and experience the Middle East in the best way possible.

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