How short-term rentals will play a big role in 2020’s hot holiday trends

Short-term rentals

UK Short-Term Accommodation Association (STAA) has released a report stating that accommodation available in the UK short-term rental sector is ticking the boxes for 2020’s holiday trends.

According to the research by STAA, 5.2 million UK travellers booked holidays by the end of 2019 and this year, short-term accommodation is set to play a bigger role than ever in people’s holiday plans as the sharing economy is forecast to grow by up to 30%.

Three of the key trends for 2020 include:

The rise of the ‘microliday’

These are 3-4 day breaks that suit time-poor travellers or those looking for several experiences in 2020. The manageable time periods also suit short-term hosts renting their own homes or rooms within it.

Slow travel

This is where people spend more than just one night at a destination, to explore more of a geographical location such as the South West, to make ‘deeper connections’ with the places they stay.

Slow travel takes the pressure to tick off all the usual tourist hotspots and emphasises a leisurely-paced, quality-centric itinerary. Short-term rental hosts already promote their local communities and share information about services and experiences on their doorstep with guests so are perfect places to stay.

Airbnb cites 85% of UK guests as wanting to ‘live like locals’.

Luxury treats

People might not be able to afford their dream home, but they can stay in one for a weekend. Companies such as onefinestay and UnderTheDoormat offer high-end properties in a number of UK cities as mini-breaks where families or a group of friends can enjoy a luxury experience for a few nights.

“It’s no surprise”

“Accommodation in the sharing sector caters really well for many of the anticipated holiday trends in 2020 including the rise of the Microliday, Slow Travel and Luxury Treats,” said Merilee Karr, CEO of UnderTheDoormat and chair of the STAA.

“It’s no surprise that the sharing economy is predicted to grow. Platforms such as Airbnb and HomeAway are making it much easier for consumers to choose the sort of accommodation that suits their lifestyles and holiday preferences.

“For homeowners, it’s a great way to earn money from their homes when they are away themselves and there is real evidence that short-term letting is beneficial for the communities in which people stay. As the industry’s trade body, our aim is to help support its responsible growth.”

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