Smart Hospitality: 7 ways technologies are reshaping your business

Smart Hospitality: 7 Ways Technologies Are Reshaping Your Business


Everything becomes smart nowadays: phones, watches, TV sets, refrigerators, houses, etc. In addition to that, smart technologies evolve pretty fast and demonstrate the rapid pace of innovations in the variety of industries today. The development of new applications, solutions, technologies never stops.

In many ways, the hotel industry leads the charge in the adoption of smart solutions that gives a host of opportunities from guest experience to cost savings, increased revenue, and improved management. These tech trends are expected to reshape the business wherever you turn.


Top 7 Trends Driving Innovation In The Hotel Industry

AI, IoT, AR/VR/XR, big and cloud-data solutions become vital for the hotel industry over the globe. Today you’re to implement the smart technologies to be competitive and make your guests come back again. Here we’re going to review the top 7 tech trends driving innovation in the hospitality and showing that the future is here and now.

Personalized Rooms with Smart Apps

The wow-effect along with the enhanced customer experience is what you need to persuade your visitors to come back. The personalisation is a key. Exploit solutions, smart applications to build individualized rooms that adapt to the needs of the customers. Thanks to artificial intelligence technology plus databases, you can do that easily. Not only can you create guests’ profiles to remember their likes/dislikes and preferences, but also you can improve your service by providing a better experience. In addition to that, your rooms should be equipped with smart appliances such as smart TV, automatic lightning, multi-media hubs, intelligent coffee machine, etc. With technology-based smart devices, your guests can control their room surroundings that makes their stay more comfortable and experience more personalized.


Digital Keys

Today, more and more hotels lean toward mobile apps over the old-fashioned plastic keycards that are going to gradually become forgotten. What’s more, plastic keycards tend to become damaged, demagnetized or even lost. That’s why lots of large hotel chains like Hilton, Accor, Marriott, and others have already made the transition from using plastic keycards to digital keys to maintain guest safety and privacy. Digital keys ensure hassle-free and more secure entry and exit for your guests – every digital key generated is unique and completely non-reusable.  


Get Interactive with the Locals

Usually, people choose hotels depending on such a crucial factor as the location. Nearby the historical sights, landmarks, highlights, beauty, restaurants, theaters, offices, museums, and so on do matter. Using the special hotel applications, AR/VR technologies, your guests can discover their options before even booking.

It’s a way for travelers to plan the trip and improve the experience. Thanks to innovative solutions, business trips can be more effective. Not only can you take a hotel tour to check the conference rooms, but also you can choose the hotel as close as possible to the meeting place.


Remote Check-In/Check-Out

Now, self-check-in options are a common thing in hospitality. If you haven’t enabled that option for your guests yet, then you’d better hurry up. Just because it’s a way to save on labor costs by eliminating the clerical part of the job for front office staff. Only by utilizing the technology will your staff know the time of guest’s arrival, predict and/or manage the staffing needs, personalize the experience and offers, upsells, upgrades, etc.

The same trend ensures the painless, smooth, easy self-check-out process to increase the accuracy of routine operations, reduce your labor costs and improve the guest experience as well. Not only will you arrange the guests’ preferred method of transportation, but also you can offer late check-outs for an additional charge, for example.


Virtual Concierge Services

Guests are spoiled with digital progress. Today you’re to provide the 24/7 service, response all the inquiries rapidly, provide instant answers and easy-to-get info. All that is crucial to enhance the overall guest experience. However, it’s pretty costly and challenging without the AI-powered solutions utilized.

That makes virtual concierge a must-have for modern hotels. The AI-powered application allows hoteliers to offer conversational assistance and give prompt replies to the queries all day and night. It’s possible to manage the technology via an app and handle guests’ requests easily online.


Energy Efficiency

You get huge bills, no matter if the hotel is full or almost empty. There is a way out. Smart devices like occupancy sensors, smart ventilation, air conditioning systems, thermostats, other suchlike technologies can increase the resale value by reducing costs.

Using the sophisticated ML algorithms, smart energy management systems (EMSs) analyze weather parameters of your location, thermodynamics, ultimate load for optimization of the energy expenditure in real-time mode, winter and summer. The energy savings from IoT technology also include smart lighting solutions to utilize for a better understanding of your energy needs, automation of consumption, adaptation to current occupancy.


Predictive Maintenance

Utilizing IoT-based smart energy management systems (EMSs), you receive the opportunity to track, control, optimize energetic consumption. You can also detect wasteful and hazardous trends to alert engineering staff about the problem by using sensor data for predictive maintenance. Thanks to the IoT solutions, you can forecast your maintenance needs according to the system usage and eliminate failures resulted in reducing costs.

Various online management software solutions alongside IoT-enabled sensors/meters/hubs collect data inherent in HVAC runtime for each hotel room, assigning them with efficiency ratings on an ongoing basis. Using the data and the ratings you can control the surrounding atmosphere, temperature, indoor air humidity and also get the critical alert for the engineering team when your HVAC equipment needs attention.


Smart Hospitality: All-in-All

We live in the digital era. We’re surrounded by smart devices that are bound to make our life easier and happier. The world changes. So does the market. The digital progress reshapes all the businesses, including hospitality. Thanks to the technologies, you can visit the hotel and enter your room, observe the locals, get the guests’ feedback and reviews, and suchlike things beforehand the trip. New solutions and applications can and already improve the hospitality industry services.

Today even small and budget hotels can provide personalized rooms and just much more comfortable rest for travelers by implementing the tech trends that were available in luxury hotels only. So, if you want to drive your business, increase revenue, make your guests back, and just keep up with the competitors, then you’re to be digital and utilize state-of-art technologies.

Here we overlooked 7 must-have trends, but, certainly, the list is much longer. It’s only up to you to choose the solutions that meet your demands and requirements. Besides, you can hire offshore developers, QA/QC, and other team members from all over the world, choosing the most favorable offers.

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