As Halloween looms make sure to take a walk through Dark Bangkok

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If you are looking forward to Halloween and want something a little bit extra, on top of the usual parties, then check out this bloodcurdling new tour from Expique, one of Bangkok’s most innovative and creative tour operators, who put the famous Bangkok tuk-tuk at the heart of their urban adventures.

To find out more, I spoke to Expique’s founder and CEO, Simon Philipp, about what they have in store for you during this, the most frightening time of year…

TD) So, Simon, what’s new at Expique?

Simon Philipp (SP) It’s been a tough, tough few months and, like every company, we’ve had to rethink what we offer. So while we still run all our normal tours, we’re also trying out a lot of different things. Straight after Bangkok opened back up, we launched three new free walking tours, very similar to what they do in Europe.

These walking tours are 100% free but we hope that you’ll enjoy yourselves so much that you’ll want to tip at the end of the tour and give us a good recommendation.

On top of these tours, which have been very popular with both, ex-pats and local Thais we’ve also introduced a range of different craft workshops. For example, making use of our unique location in a flower market, we have garland and decorative flower workshops running alongside as our cookery classes, where you’ll learn how to replicate some of those iconic world-famous Thai dishes under the direction of our charismatic and knowledgeable cook team.

However, the most exciting things we are putting together at the moment are a series of tours based around special events and holidays. For October, being the spookiest month of the year, we have created a spine-tingling Halloween tour.

TD) Eek! What does that involve?

SP) Well, and I am so excited about this, as it is something I have always wanted to do — we have found a really talented drama teacher to hone our guides storytelling and improvisation skills, adding a level of theatre and spectacle, as the guides Bangkok — in costume — weave together creepy tales of Bangkok and its inhabitants that will send shivers down your spine!

TD) The tour IS scary then?

SP) It will definitely raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

TD) Crumbs. What’s the tour called?

SP) Dark Bangkok. It is a walking tour but our Tuk-tuks will also be decked out horror-style and will make a guest appearance at some point during the tour. The whole thing will finish up at our Halloween Grotto, back at our flower market base.

TD) What else is happening this month?

SP) As it is also the Thai festival of Loy Krathong, we’re also doing a krathong (above) making workshop for our market experience. Where we combine krathong making with a dessert buffet and free flow (non-alcoholic), as well as few activities based around the theme.

There will be lots of mini rivers festival celebrations happening too, which we have added to our classic river tours, we’ll start with the krathong workshop, and then follow the river and stop to take part in a few choice activities and, of course, dinner.

To find out more click here and learn about all of Expique’s incredible tours and their latest special deals and packages.

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