Ten commandments for the good hotelier in the times of the coronavirus

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Hotels have started to reopen around the globe, but people still feel hesitant about traveling. There are ways for hotels to reassure their guests that they will be as safe as possible. And the hotels that can guarantee not only a fun stay for their guests but also their safety are the ones that are going to feel less the impact of the coronavirus. Here are a few simple things that hotels can do to help their guests trust them in these difficult times:

  1. Be informativeLearn anything you can about the coronavirus in your country and the various policies and protocols set by the government. Share this knowledge first with your staff and then with your guests. Prepare leaflets if necessary.
  2. Train your staff. Theory and practice go well together. Your staff will know what to do in case there is a coronavirus case in the hotel if they have been informed in advance and if everyone knows their roles and responsibilities.
  3. Follow all guidelinesThis is not an area you want to neglect. The protocols are there to keep everyone safe, including the hotel’s staff. It’s essentially better business in the long-run. Offer hand sanitizer stations, help guests with social distancing, use plexiglass where possible.
  4. Go above and beyond. There is no such thing as too careful. If you can think of something that is realistic, feasible, and will help, do it. Read on for such ideas.
  5. Stagger and extend your check-in and check-out times. This will help you avoid large crowds in front of the reception, but it will be more demanding on your staff.
  6. Be creative with breakfast. Extend the hours, deliver it to the rooms (Mondays – first floor, Tuesdays – second floor, and so on; or make it a lottery, make a game out of it).
  7. Consider disinfecting and cleaning two different things. Doorknobs, countertops, guardrails have to be disinfected more often than clean. This is something you may need to do multiple times a day.
  8. Communicate everything you’re doing to your guests. You know you’re making everything you can to keep them safe. You can make them feel safe as well.
  9. Cooperate with other hotels and the local authorities. You can’t do everything alone. Some actions require cooperation. And a well-oiled machine increases the value of your town/city/island as a destination.
  10. Advertise your thoroughness. You went to all this effort. Let people know! Let potential guests know that it is safe to come to you. Allocate a part of your advertising budget to put the word out!
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