The Advantage Conference 2017: Man and Machine

This year’s Advantage Travel Partnership Conference, held in Nice, tackled some difficult questions about the role of tech in the travel industry and how its growing value might effect travel professionals.

Man and machineUpon arrival at the Club Med Opio en Provence in Nice, the host of this year’s conference, delegates were welcomed by Julia Lo Bue-Said, managing director of The Advantage Travel Partnership. While addressing the delegates Lo Bue-Said emphasised how Advantage tailors its services to meet the individual needs of members, since the members, Lo Bue-Said continued, are at the heart of everything Advantage does.

Lo Bue-Said concluded by saying to members that ‘we should celebrate success together and enjoy the relationship we have built.’

Delegates then heard from Estelle Giraudeau, managing director of Club Med UK and Scandinavia. As they hosts of this years conference, Club Med UK have clearly been working in especially close contact with Advantage this year. Girardeau said, ‘Advantage is just the best partner you could dream of, always pioneering new technologies. The theme of this year’s conference shows the strong digital mindset of Advantage and their place as pioneers in the industry.’

Giraudeau continued, ‘Our main strength for today and for tomorrow is our ability to embrace change.’ Her sentiments reflected the resounding message of the conference, that the strength of travel professionals lies in their willingness to work with technology, rather than fear the changes the digital age might bring to the industry.

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