The rise of psychedelic retreats in wellness travel

The global spa and wellness consultancy and think tank, Raison d’Etre, has announced its latest trend alert — the rise of psychedelic retreats in wellness tourism.

Psychedelic retreats are attracting a diverse and global audience, from patients struggling with treatment resistant ailments, to young professionals on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley, with the former turning to underground guides and shamans for emotional healing and the latter utilising micro-dosing nootropic to enhance creativity and productivity.

There are already several retreats facilitated globally, predominately in countries where psychedelic substances are legalised, decriminalised or unregulated. The appeal of travelling to a retreat, as opposed to having an individual session, is the safe and peaceful setting, where consumers can undergo psychedelic therapy, away from the obligations and distractions of everyday life.

Discussing the new trend, Michael Simonato, project manager at Raison d’Etre Think Tank said: ”We look forward to monitoring the impact of this trend on the global wellness industry as it becomes more acceptable. Perhaps within the near future we will see psychedelics taking place not only as a standalone treatment but also as a common ingredient in team-building workshops, couples’ therapy, coaching, yoga, detox, meditation and mindfulness and art and creativity retreats.”

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