Who are travel launches most sought-after by?


Research shows that travel launches are most sought-after by older UK consumers.

12% of Baby Boomers (aged 53 – 73 years) and 14% of Traditionalists (aged 74 and over) say they’re most likely to be on the lookout for new travel brands or experiences.

By comparison, only 9% of UK consumers overall say that travel launches are what they look out for most, compared to 19% who most anticipate new technology products. Only 5% of millennials say that travel launches are their number one focus.

In addition, one in ten Traditionalists say the travel industry delivers the most memorable launches, compared to only 3% overall.

The study was commissioned by launch marketing specialist agency Five by Five. Sales and marketing director James Roles said: “The grey pound remains a hugely untapped market for the travel sector, but older consumers often have both disposable income and free time. We’re already seeing more holiday options aimed specifically at those aged 60 and above and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that trend get even stronger.”

The survey also found that in a world of digital and social media, TV is still the main medium by which older consumers learn about new product launches.

More than half of Baby Boomers and Traditionalists (53% and 51%, respectively) say they first noticed new products when they appeared on television, while only 3% of Baby Boomers saw them on social media and 5% in online ads.

Roles adds: “Shareable content and social buzz allow travel brands to generate pre-launch engagement in a way no other medium can hope to match. However, it seems many brands have been launching online with the product in mind and not the customer. A lot of older people still rely on TV and print ads to learn about new holiday destinations and opportunities.”

This new research also found that 61% of UK consumers – rising to 74% of Baby Boomers – are not aware of any new launches from the past 12 months at all.

In addition, only 3% believe celebrity endorsement makes launches stand out, with only one in 14 people (7%) saying they actually noticed a launch because a celebrity or influencer mentioned it.

On social platforms, only one-quarter of consumers (and only one in five Baby Boomers) say they would share branded content or information about a new product or service launch in return for a promotional offer, while less than one-quarter (23%) would share branded content if they felt it met a friend or family member’s needs.


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