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Travellers to Saudi Arabia need to register vaccination status online

All travellers arriving in Saudi Arabia, including citizens of the GCC countries and holders of new visas, who have been vaccinated with one of the Covid-19 vaccines, need to register their vaccination status online, said a report.

Saudi Arabia’s Public Health Authority (Weqaya) has announced that all those entering the kingdom, whether they are citizens, residents, or vaccinated passengers, need to complete the vaccination registration process online before their arrival by visiting here, said a report in Saudi Gazette.

Registration is available only to those who have completed taking the doses for the following approved vaccines:

As to those who received one dose of the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines, they cannot register on the website, and institutional quarantine measures will be imposed on them on arrival.

For Saudi citizens and residents, the ‘Immune’ status shown on the Tawakkalna app, either with the first dose or both, and those who have recovered from the virus for a period not exceeding six months, is sufficient, the report said.