How to slide into DM’s and elevate the hotel guest experience

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TrustYou - Direct Messaging eBook

Sliding into the inbox is not an easy feat, especially in the world of hospitality, where a simple direct message (DM) can make or break your relationship with guests. Given this situation, TrustYou, the guest feedback platform, has created a guide for all hoteliers who want to level up their game in this modern era art form.

The Complete Guest Engagement Guide – How Messaging Elevates the Hotel Experience is free to download and focuses on direct messaging and how this new tech impacts hotel-to-guest communication, as well as the satisfaction rates, the quality of guest feedback, and ultimately, increased hotel revenue.

“The way in which businesses communicate with their customers has changed immensely in the last few years and working within such a personal industry as hospitality, we are always paying attention to the best and most efficient ways of improving the guest experience,” said Valerie Castillo, TrustYou’s VP of marketing.

TrustYou - Direct Messaging

Direct messaging has proven its popularity in the last few years, given its sense of immediacy and effectiveness in solving requests and issues.

The eBook directly addresses hoteliers who want to quickly adapt to the shifts in communication. It tackles topics such as how and why DM’s have started, its appeal to modern customers, why hotels must capitalise on this trend, and the benefits it brings to the hotel business.

“The simple act of listening”

Castillo added: “Having developed our own direct messaging solution, we constantly receive so many valuable insights into what a great impact this communication means has on the overall satisfaction rates of a hotel business, and so we wanted to create a resource that would be of help to modern hoteliers and guide them towards achieving the best results — more direct bookings, guest loyalty — through the simple act of listening to what their guests have to say.”

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