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Turkish Airlines launches new ad as part of its Five Senses campaign

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Turkish Airlines debuted its new commercial and it will be broadcast across Europe, South Africa, the Far East, the Middle East, and the Americas including North America (Canada), Latin America, and the United States.

The Five Senses campaign encourages viewers to experience ‘a sense of awe’ at the at the world and destinations that Turkish Airlines operates to.

Ahmet Olmuştur, chief marketing officer (CMO) of Turkish Airlines said: “Our new Five Senses campaign aims to emphasize the experience every journey brings towards discovering the unknown with our five senses to their fullest.

“We are more than satisfied by the feedback and outcomes of our celebrity ad campaigns with world-famous figures so far.

“Our campaign last year ad with Morgan Freeman was a great hit. Now we are looking forward to this new cooperation with Dr. Oz. We will maintain our leadership with our ‘Widen Your World’ mission through our journey, which will inspire the whole world to seek new discoveries.”


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The commercial film of Turkish Airlines’ Five Senses can be viewed here:

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