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BSpoke - Walking Tours

There are road tours, cruising tour and scenic flights. But in this article, we’re focusing on the most immersive and active of them all – the walking tour. Here are some walking holidays you could take, from leisurely strolls in the sleepy areas of the Mekong Delta to hikes in the Everest Base Camp.

For this one, we’re going to get some ideas from the walking holiday specialist BSpoke Tours. This is a tour operator that offers a variety of adventure holidays in places like Mount Everest, Mont Blanc, the Mekong Delta and the Inca Trail. Now, they know these places are hard to explore by ourselves. So, they offer itineraries as a guided group tour.

“Our collection continues to grow, reflecting our customers’ desire to discover and explore the world’s most intriguing places.”

Ben Roseveare, activities director at BSpoke Tours, said: “This year we’ve gone global to offer active breaks in iconic locations worldwide, doubling our portfolio. Our new walking tours extend our self-guided offering in France and Italy, as well as allowing us to broaden our guided offering into countries such as Peru and Nepal.

“Our collection continues to grow, reflecting our customers’ desire to discover and explore the world’s most intriguing places with total confidence in our expert guides.”

Everest Base Camp

A sign to the Everest Base Camp (B.C.)
A sign to the Everest Base Camp (B.C.)

Often found on adventurers’ bucket lists, the Everest Base Camp is on an altitude of 5,545 metres. On the way there, you’ll meet some locals from Nepalese communities and create a unique bond with other climbers as you share the grime and the glory. It’s going to be a tough climb, but the views and natural surroundings (not to mention the bragging rights) are definitely worth it.

The Inca Trail

The ruins of Macchu Pichu
The ruins of Macchu Pichu

On to the next, this time we have a more ‘comfortable’ tour. The Inca Trail is an iconic hiking trail in Peru with ends in the ruins of Machu Picchu. And just a bit of a heads up, this one’s suitable for fit and active people because it features some fairly demanding ascents and descents as you trek for four days. Unforgettable sites include The Sacred Valley and the ancient Inca capital of Cuzco.

Vietnam on foot

The Mekong Delta in Vietnam
The Mekong Delta in Vietnam

Experience Vietnam like never before as you take a walking tour through Hanoi, Hue and Ho Chi Minh City to the water world of the Mekong Delta and some ancient jungle temples. The tour comes with a cruise in Halong Bay, which offers sights of its jagged limestone islands. According to BSpoke, most of the track is good pathways at a low altitude, but also with occasional more demanding ascents or descents.

Mont Blanc


The highest mountain in the Alps, Mont Blanc, is completely covered in snow. Think of the glorious range with mountain goats and marmots amongst other fascinating creatures. This walking tour blends stunning views with wildlife spotting and takes over two weeks so BSpoke Tours’ have carefully selected a one week option to encourage those with less time to spare.

BSpoke Tours operates more than 150 tours in more than 50 countries (with over 50 walking tours for the 2018 season and beyond). Oh, and if you book before 31 May, they’ll give you a complimentary case of wine.

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