What type of summer traveller are you?

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Summer equates vacation and travel. But every person has their own preferences and their own unique way of making their summer holiday an incredible one.

What type of summer traveller are you?

The thrill seeker

Always active, looking for the next great adrenaline rush, you’re an intrepid explorer at heart, and live to tell tales and shock your friends with your experiential exploits.

The food fanatic

You see the world through a culinary narrative. You’re always on the hunt for new food experiences that your destination has to offer. Food is a way of life and you will go to extreme lengths to track down the very best eateries.

The experience ‘grammer

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Camera and selfie-stick at the ready? You’re all about a summer vacation that is filled with ‘grammable moments. Your idea of wealth is social capital and you love telling tales through your content and letting people know about all the amazing things to be experienced in a destination.

The fabulous fashionista

You have a go-getter attitude to dress, impress and move the fashion needle with creative flair.  When you’re on vacation, you scout out the most opportune venues to see and be seen looking and feeling your absolute best even when you have to jet-set through a jam-packed itinerary.

The culture connoisseur

You curate memories by exploring and discovering other cultures, living like a local and immersing yourself with music, clothes and food. So much so that you embody these experiences throughout your vacation and pass them off as their own after you head home.

The leisurely groupie

You’re all and none of the above at once. You’re a spontaneous soul that loves to go with the flow, and when in vacation mode, you’re happy to roll out of bed whenever and figure out your itinerary on the fly, or just tag along with your family and friends – whatever is easiest and leaves you without too much to plan.

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