Community-based tourism: What we can learn from Little Local

Little Local - Lakdah, India
Ladakh, a region in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir

Changing the way India spends its vacations, Little Local promotes responsible tourism. The company encourages people to give back to the community while giving them curated community-based experiences.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And that’s why when travelling – we should do as the locals do. It’s the best way to immerse in the culture. To know the secret spots, traverse the best ways, and get the maximum travel experience.

Now on the matter of providing local and one-of-a-kind experiences, the community-based travel company does just that and more. By partnering with ‘off-the-map’ organisations, Little Local offers tourists not just a great vacation. It also gives them the chance to make a contribution.

“I became obsessed with the idea of merging travel, community impact and unique experiences.” – Antara Chatterjee, Little Local

Little Local’s founder, Antara Chatterjee, made a comment about the community-based tourism concept. She said: “This helps us provide truly unique experiences, for communities that will benefit from them. On our trips, travellers get to experience local and authentic festivities, discover food and culture, learn traditional customs, do hands-on farming and cooking, and develop measurable community impact activities.”

Antara Chatterjee - Little Local
Antara Chatterjee (in the middle) poses with Little Local volunteers

Merging travel with community impact

The idea of starting Little Local came when Antara came across someone volunteering on vacation. Imagine volunteering, while vacationing – what a world of difference! She commented: “I realised there were many locations where such tourism could happen in India, but awareness and affordability were issues. I became obsessed with the idea of merging travel, community impact and unique experiences.”

The framework for each trip is based on community needs and being sensitive towards local sensibilities and the environment. The objective is to have an impact on the community while fostering a sense of belonging among travellers.

“Little Local has been a company various people on our team have admired personally.” – Shreyas Srinivasan,

For the ticketing duties, Little Local has partnered with The company’s founder and CEO, Shreyas Srinivasan, said: “We are committed to giving people unique experiences around the country, and we constantly look to partner with organizations who do that. Little Local has been a company various people on our team have admired personally for a while now, and it’s a pleasure to have them list their events with us.”

Volunteers - Little Local
Volunteers document their experiences with locals

Holidays with a cause

One of the experiences travellers can book now is in Zbalung – The Invisible Village. It’s happening from 26 May until 3 June in Henasku, Ladakh. The trip involves a deep documentation, a long-term livelihood plan and helping possible building restoration. Little Local has been spending time with the community since last year.

In addition, travellers can also help The Last of the Aryans from 2-10 June. The local tribe of the Brokpas is said to be the direct descendants of the lost army of Alexander the Great. Their historical background will be explored and documented in this trip.

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