World’s Top 20 ‘alternative’ must-see landmarks revealed

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Extensive research by Travelzoo among 1,000 UK globetrotters identified the ‘off the beaten track’ sights they most want to see. Among them is Germany’s Burg Eltz, a fairy-tale style medieval castle nestled in the hills and forest above the Moselle River.

The Rock Houses – homes carved straight into the rock amid a wildlife haven in Stourbridge, UK – is also a popular choice. The study also found a fifth of the 1,000 adults polled actively prefer to visit lesser-known areas because they can experience them without any preconceived ideas of their own.

James Clarke, general manager of Travelzoo UK said: “We’re all familiar with those must visit places – the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and so on. They are all truly amazing landmarks but there are a growing number of travellers who want to see sights that aren’t quite so well-known.” The study also found visiting a particular place can have a profound impact on visitors as a fifth have been moved to tears by the beauty, wonderment or history of some corners of the globe. And 20% even said their entire outlook on life changed after visiting some places.

Despite the rise of social media and the internet, the study carried out through OnePoll, also found word of mouth is still the biggest inspiration for where those polled choose to visit. Four in 10 said they rely on recommendations from friends and family, however a third will depend on Google and a quarter will use guidebooks.

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