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Contiki offers Greek Week Pride trips

Contiki is adding Pride to its Greek Week summer 2017 product itineraries to celebrate the Greek Pride events in Athens & Mykonos.Greek Week

The original Greek Week product runs over nine days, travelling around Athens, Ios and Mykonos, with new Pride departures offering the same itinerary plus some added included extras.

“Diversity and inclusivity has always been core to Contiki’s values,” said Donna Jeavons, sales & marketing director for UK and Europe.

“Doing things with passion means living your best life, understanding your true self, championing what makes us different and opening yourself up to experiences. Travel is an experience for everyone, so LGBT or straight we’re excited to bring our travellers to these events to celebrate these values.”


The Greek Week, Athens Pride itinerary departs 9 June 2017. It runs for 10 days and the trip features an extra day in Athens so travellers can start the trip in the precinct of Gazi. The next day the group joins the festival. Priced at GBP1,139 (approx US$1,455) per person.

Greek Week, Mykonos Pride – Departure 24 August 2017: Sticking to the original Greek Week itinerary of nine days, this Pride departure spends its time in Mykonos during its festival, XLSIOR Mykonos. Priced at GBP1,085 (approx US$1,380) per person.

The Greek Week itineraries in Athens, Mykonos and Ios include breakfast every day, quad share hotel accommodation, ferry transport between the islands, trip managers and local guides, and local sightseeing tours.


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