How Internet of Things can create seamless stay for hotel guests and maintain worker safety

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Chris King, Director of Sales, Sigfox USA talks about how the Internet of Things (IoT) can help hoteliers looking to create efficiencies and a safe, comfortable experience for both employees and guests traveling for the first time in over a year.

While there is still some uncertainty about the pandemic, with vaccinations widely available many people are eager to travel. Travel bookings are through the roof – with hotels the busiest they’ve been since prior to the pandemic. Among all this chaos, it’s important for hotel owners to protect their two most important assets: their guests and their employees.

For hoteliers looking to create efficiencies and a safe, comfortable experience for both employees and guests traveling for the first time in over a year, the Internet of Things (IoT) can help them do so. In fact, according to PwC, 70% of hospitality executives report that they already have active IoT projects in the works.

The term ‘IoT’ refers to devices that are connected to the internet that collect and share data. These devices can be connected to a 0G network, which connects low-bandwidth, battery-powered devices over long distances. This type of network is easy to implement due to its low-cost, lightweight and low-powered infrastructure. A 0G network allows the customer to receive information on the status of the device located within the network and provides a shelf-life of up to five years or more, thanks to only sending small messages which requires very little battery power.

Creating a seamless stay

IoT is an impactful tool for creating a seamless experience for hotel guests by digitizing their stay. For example, IoT can provide hotel guests with the opportunity to unlock their room via their mobile devices with the click of a button. This is convenient because most guests will be bringing their smartphone with them everywhere they go. Guests can say goodbye to the frustrations of storing a room key and cell phone in the same pocket, causing the key’s magnetic strip to stop working, and have peace of mind knowing they can access their room with their cell phone.

Maximizing employee safety

In addition to customer experience applications, hoteliers can also leverage IoT to improve employee safety while on site. For example, IoT-powered panic buttons can help employees get immediate help during emergency situations. Especially when it comes to larger, busier hotels, a fast panic response button can be carried around by employees to alert security when they are in trouble. Hotel workers are at risk of harassment, violence and other crimes and many areas of the country are beginning to put regulations in place that require panic buttons for hotel employees. In case of a fire, theft, violence or other urgent scenarios, hotel employees will be able to notify their managers at the click of a button.

Imagine if a hotel worker kept their phone in a breakroom during a shift and had no way to call for help during an emergency—that’s where panic button technology comes in. This life-saving technology can save time during emergencies and enable help to come sooner.

By using the existing infrastructure in place at the site the panic button can sense where it is within the hotel. Connecting the panic button to a 0G IoT network, the device securely uploads its location data to be processed and rapidly alert of the person in distress.

Investing in IoT technology can help hoteliers create a safe, comfortable experience for both guests and employees. Hotel owners can rest assured that their guests are experiencing the ultimate customer service with the efficiencies provided by a 0G IoT network and be well prepared for the ongoing travel surge.


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