Influencer pleads guilty for threatening to blow up plane when asked to pay for wine

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A former Instagram famous glamour model threatened to blow up a plane and screamed foul-mouthed abuse at flight attendants and passengers after being asked to pay for a glass of wine during a flight from Melbourne to Auckland.

Hannah Lee Pierson Source: Twitter

On Wednesday, Hannah Lee Pierson, 31, pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly behaviour disruptive conduct at a Christchurch court over the November 7, 2020, inflight incident.

Pierson was alleged to have become disruptive shortly after flight attendants started the inflight service. The former model requested a glass of wine but allegedly became angry and abusive when flight attendants told her that her ticket didn’t cover complimentary beverages and that she would need to pay.

“I don’t give a f**k, get me a f*****g wine,” Pierson is alleged to have shouted at the top of her voice, stunning the other 72 passengers on board the Air New Zealand flight.

A summary of facts read out to the court explained how Pierson then stood up in the aisle and shouted: “I’ll f*****g get it myself, give me the f*****g wine,” the NZ Herald reports.

Pierson was accused of calling one of the flight attendants a “bitch” as they moved her into a vacant row to prevent her from getting to the galley. One of the flight attendants feared Pierson was going to headbutt her before she shouted: “Get me a f*****g wine or I’ll blow up the plane”.

At this point, flight attendants handcuffed Pierson and then strapped her to a seat using extension seatbelts. Pierson continued to shout abuse with “total disregard for the other passengers in the vicinity that included young children”.

Thankfully, Pierson eventually tired herself out and fell asleep with around 90 minutes left of the flight. Unfortunately, on approach into Auckland, she woke up and continued her abusive tirade.

After admitting the offence on Wednesday, Pierson was released on bail to be sentenced on June 23. Her lawyer asked the court to consider discharging her without conviction because a criminal conviction would result in travel consequences.
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