IWTA speaks with Ha Lam Founder of The Happy Firm Saigon, Vietnam

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IWTA speaks with Ha Lam,
Founder of The Happy Firm – Saigon, Vietnam


Background: Ha Lam grew up with her family in Saigon Vietnam and quickly found her passion learning about people in the local communities. She was a tour guide for many years which matched her passion for sustainable development and protection of each country’s natural, artistic, archaeological and cultural heritage. In 2014 she took the leap and along with her business partner founded the travel platform Triip. The travel platform brings together local experts and global travelers to create authentic experiences. After a trip to Bhutan she founded the Happy Firm in 2020 whose mission is to ‘Make Happiness Your Destination’


Summary: Ha Lam brings a wealth of experience and wisdom from her years in the travel industry and whose mission is to bring compassion and kindness to the world. And she shares it wherever she goes, you can even feel her positive energy virtually!

Her learnings are two sentences that impacts how she thinks of life and what’s in front of her.

Listen to her impactful story and walk away inspired.​



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