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TD speaks with Jojo Pamplina, product marketing person in-charge of Sabre Red 360 in APAC

Sabre Red 360 sets a new standard in travel booking — through its website-like design and API integration, it delivers more content, more flexibility and more customisation.

The platform was designed with travel consultants in mind. It brings an unprecedented level of travel information into clear view and provides useful insights and search tools, capable of delivering up to 250 options at once. It makes shopping, selling, and working with PNRs much easier, allowing travel consultants at any level of experience, to create personalised itineraries suited to each of their traveller’s needs.

Jojo Pamplina oversees product marketing for Sabre Red 360 in the Asia Pacific. In his role, he is responsible for informing and educating Sabre customers about the tangible benefits that Sabre Red 360 can have on their business.

“Sabre Red 360 is THE booking platform of the future.”

“Simply put, Sabre Red 360 is the booking platform of the future. Travel agents are always looking for access to richer content and to have the ability to display all that content in one view, enhancing their overall shopping experience. In short, the platform was designed to make the day-to-day tasks of travel consultants easier. I urge those looking to optimise their operations to check out Sabre Red 360 today,” said Jojo.

Jojo Pamplina, product marketing person-in-charge of Sabre Red 360

While migrating to new technology can seem daunting at first, Sabre Red 360 has an intuitive design that makes it easy to use, even with minimal training. Even with limited Sabre format experience, a beginner can complete a booking 26% faster than ever before thanks to the intelligent interface! For those familiar with Sabre’s legacy commands, Sabre Red 360 also provides the option to retain the well-loved blue screen format, but with added commands.

As the leading global technology provider to the travel industry, Sabre constantly rolls out innovative solutions that benefit travel companies. It’s an investment in technology and creating software is one thing, but convincing companies of the benefits and that they need it is another.

We see this challenge across all types of consumerism, not just travel. I recall a conversation I was once had with my father after commenting on the outdated mobile phone he was using. As it turns out, this exchange became the best analogy of the types of challenges the travel industry faces every day when it comes to encouraging the adoption of new technology.


My father still has a Nokia 3310. I once asked him why he keeps using such archaic technology, and he gave me several reasons such as its smaller compared to other models, and it’s simple to use. I argued with him, telling him about the added benefits of a smartphone that provide access to the internet and has the ability to use apps that measure footsteps, provide weather forecasts and give access to endless music from around world.

But in the end, my father jokingly refuted that he doesn’t need to count his footsteps and he can simply look outside to check the weather. Then, I realised that no matter how life-changing technology can be; if the person doesn’t find value in it, it means nothing to them.

Jojo Pamplina presenting to the customers.

Persuading customers of the potential and added value of new tech solution is Jojo’s forte. Travel agents can find it daunting to onboard new technology, especially when they are comfortable with the tools they are already using. Jojo often encounters customers who challenge the transition, and request that he prove the extent to which Sabre Red 360 is the best booking platform for their business.

“Having a holistic understanding of the customer is essential.”

“Having a holistic understanding of each and every customer is critical when having these discussions; their profile, business goals, strategy, strengths and weaknesses. Then, it’s key to ensure that our product offering matches the client’s needs so that I can demonstrate the extent to which their business will benefit from partnering with Sabre,” he said.

“Every company is different, and customising our approach to each opportunity represents a unique exciting challenge every time. It’s essential to have a solid understanding of what the owner expects, and what are the considerations of both top and middle management, and ultimately, of the end-user. Knowing how to deal with each company stakeholder requires expertise, time and careful attention to detail. Oftentimes, one meeting is not enough, so establishing a genuine business relationship is key to ensuring a successful long-term partnership,” Jojo admitted.

As the industry continues to evolve, the Sabre Red 360 will revolutionise the way travel agents go about doing business with their customers. The platform is transforming how travel agencies across the globe book, brand and build their offerings to better cater to traveller needs.

With Sabre Red 360, agents will be better equipped to face the challenges brought by the fast-changing travel landscape and turn these into profitable business opportunities that will ensure their business success, now and in the future.


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