Top 5 tips to travel on budget

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Holiday Spending Money

This is often a requirement that gets overlooked but can either pose little to no costs or if a poor decision is made, add significant costs to your overall trip. We all need money to spend when we are on a trip so looking at how to send money abroad with the least costs can yield excellent savings.

Often the first thought is to use a high street bank to send money for you, but banks tend to be amongst the most expensive methods to send money abroad. You could choose to send cash, but this is an extremely risky business and cannot be recommended as the exposure to the risk of theft or fraud is very high indeed. Choosing to use a money transfer provider can yield excellent savings and is actually a very simple process to initiate and complete. An online money transfer provider is likely to be one of the cheapest ways to send money, and as an additional bonus, far quicker than a traditional bank. They can be much easier to use too. You need not leave your home to complete a transfer and no one likes trying to park their car just to visit a high street bank.

Plan Ahead

This top tip is often overlooked, we all love spontaneous holidays or trips abroad, but often leaving things to the last minute if you have fixed ideas on your destination and timescale can end up costing you a premium. Airlines and hotels often run business models that are designed to give them maximum occupancy of their products, so booking in advance can give you the best chance of a good deal. Hotels are especially savvy when it comes to tactical pricing. If you are headed to see a concert, once you have booked your tickets, booking your accommodation should be a top priority.

The longer you leave it, the less choice you will have and often local hotels in the area have increased the cost of rooms on nights where local events mean they are likely to sell all the accommodation they have available.

Be Smart With Dates

Choosing when you travel can make an enormous difference to the costs. If you are not constrained by school holidays, it makes the best sense financially to avoid these times as both hotels and airlines will increase the prices of their products during school holidays. Sometimes towards the end of a holiday period bargains are to be had where you are travelling out to a destination just as the majority of people are returning.

Using a flight cost comparison site can give you a great deal of information on the difference in cost and the time of day a flight is booked makes. They also let you see what the cost differences are when you are heading to a popular destination either just before the school holiday season starts or ends. If you are taking your family, or even other friends with children to a holiday destination during a school break it is worth shopping around as early as possible to ensure you get the best deal.



If you are looking for entertainment whilst on your trip, it is also worth investigating the costs as some venues and activities naturally cost more when the demand is highest. Factoring in the variables between entertainment costs, accommodation costs and the prices of flights or rail tickets can yield quite significant cost differences with only a small change in the times you intend to depart and return.

Choose Accommodation Carefully

We would all love to stay in a fully serviced hotel where we never need to worry about making the room up in the morning or having to consider what to cook for dinner. But this ease of living comes at a cost. Today’s digital society provides some excellent alternatives that can yield impressive cost savings and yet provide an alternative, often far more interesting venue for our accommodation.

Services like Airbnb can offer unusual accommodation at economically attractive rates. Using their online search tool can give you plenty of options. Be sure to consider the costs of airport transfers and ongoing local travel during your stay as an out-of-the-city location may be very appealing in cost, but the time taken to travel back and forward each day can eat into your core entertainment time. In addition, the costs of seemingly small journeys from your accommodation to the venues and places you wish to visit can add up. So be sure to weigh up the alternatives. One area where cost savings are going to be positive is in your holiday food bill. If you choose to stay at a hotel, your only option for a hot meal is to either eat within the hotel or at a local restaurant, this can add significantly to the overall trip cost. But if you choose to stay at an Airbnb, often there are cooking and dining facilities within your accommodation, using these can yield significant savings and in addition, can give you that home-cooked meal that we are all craving towards the latter days of an extended break.

Look At What You Leave Behind.

This one will depend on where you live, but Airbnb or similar services can provide an excellent way to recoup some of your travelling and accommodation costs whilst on holiday. As you will not be staying in your own accommodation, this becomes available for someone else to stay in whilst you are away. Various internet-based services are available to market your property for the times you are away, taking a booking can introduce an income whilst you are away that will help offset your spending costs. If you do not have a suitable property, or do not wish to rent your own property in this way, but do have access to a parking space within a city location, or near a railway or airport, the same types of services exist to rent out your parking space whilst you are on holiday. Whilst not suitable for everyone, these kinds of services can help you balance the books and make a trip significantly less costly.


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