Will all-inclusive resorts be more attractive after the pandemic?

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As the name implies, everything is (usually) included in the resort rate, from your room to your meals and your experiences, which typically involve lounging by a pool or sunning on a beach. Much like cruises, all-inclusive resorts are a way to neatly package up your vacation from start to finish with few surprise charges at checkout. One of the only differences is, obviously, you stay in one spot.

All-inclusive has endured some stigma over the years as being uninspiring, inauthentic or even boring after a few days. But after a year of pandemic ups and downs, and with most cruises still on hold, pressing the easy button looks more attractive than ever.

All-inclusive could be the next big thing and as such, there is very surprising news on this front. Marriott Hotels is planning to offer the all-inclusive space, with Ritz-Carlton and Luxury Collection properties aimed at luxury travellers and families and W Hotels for adults-only retreats.

There appears to be an increasing demand for all-inclusive stays, particularly for family vacations. Basically, people tend to choose the all-inclusive option which eliminates planning and offers more time for experiences.

Before the pandemic, all-inclusive resorts around the world had a steady occupancy rate. In 2020, those numbers dropped like every other hotel as the entire travel industry came to a halt.

However, industry analysts around the world believe that demand for all-inclusive will rebound strongly as travel resumes, particularly since it eliminates the need to leave the resort, planning of other activities and the comfort of accessing everything on-site which for travellers will be more comfortable.

For the next couple of years, all-inclusive resort destinations are primed to be the benefactor of the demand for leisure travel. If you haven’t gone out of the country or if you were still scared to travel, the easiest thing to do is go to an all-inclusive. That’s like dipping your toes in the water.

Basically the all-inclusive resort’s ability to control the entire experience from a health and safety standpoint compared to a traditional hotel or resort where you have to head off the property for dining and experiences and therefore leave the resort’s protective bubble, this will also appeal to cautious travellers.

The ongoing evolution of luxury in the all-inclusive space will also be a welcome option for travellers who have shied away from all-inclusive out of concern they aren’t luxe or bespoke enough.

Even some resorts that are not technically all-inclusive properties have started offering guests the option to add an all-inclusive package to their stay. This tends to be done in popular tourist areas with lots of resorts where there’s already a well-established all-inclusive culture. It is also a popular option for wellness retreats or more isolated properties.

The reason for this change is simple, guests are now staying at the resort more and venturing out less, making all-inclusive packages more appealing.

So, are you likely to give all-inclusive resorts a try this year?

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