The rise of non-traditional hotel options

“Travel managers need to be ready”

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Co-working Space - non-traditional hotel options

It’s already obvious that technology plays a major role in the evolution of hospitality. Digital innovation is driving change across the hotel landscape, creating new opportunities to increase savings and improve the traveller experience. However, there’s one trend that’s creeping up more discreetly in our radar — the rise of non-traditional hotel options.

According to research by American Express Global Business Travel (GBT), there is a growing tendency for major hotel brands to invest in new lifestyle formats to attract modern business travellers. These properties offer shared working spaces and a less formal environment than might be found in more traditional hotels.

“Travel managers need to be ready”

Joakim Johansson, vice president, global business consulting at GBT, said: “For several years, GBT has been charting the rise of the modern business traveller, who wants a more informal, flexible and digitally smart environment to work and rest.

“Hotel providers, both big global groups and more local chains, are responding to this need with new hotel formats or serviced apartments. Travel managers need to be ready to accommodate this emerging traveller preference within their managed programmes.”

Psychedelic retreats

In a recent report, global spa and wellness consultancy, Raison d’Etre, also highlighted a new trend – the rise of psychedelic retreats in wellness tourism. These retreats cater to a diverse and global audience, providing a safe and peaceful setting. An example of this would be companies in Wall Street, which are now turning to “underground guides” and shamans for emotional healing. Meanwhile, in Silicon Valley, companies are utilising micro-dosing nootropic to enhance creativity and productivity.

“We will see psychedelics … as a common ingredient”

Michael Simonato, project manager at Raison d’Etre Think Tank, said: “Perhaps within the near future we will see psychedelics taking place not only as a standalone treatment but also as a common ingredient in team-building workshops, couples’ therapy, coaching, yoga, detox, meditation and mindfulness and art and creativity retreats.”

Futuristic concepts

Cliff hotel - Norway

The future of hotel design is boldly moving forward as we’ve recently seen hotels with futuristic concepts — from a hotel with a 360-degree rooftop pool, a hotel room with a Being flight simulator, to a hotel in space!

In Southern Norway, Turkish design studio Hayri Atak has released its proposal for the ‘Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel’, to be situated atop a 1,982-foot cliff, a popular tourist attraction in Norway. The hotel features protruding balconies with a clear-bottomed pool at the lowermost level.

These non-traditional hotel options are just a few trends that we’ve come across in recent months. Stay tuned here at TD for more hotel news and the latest insights.

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